WordPress plugins for contact forms may seem like a topic that’s fairly well covered across the web, but is that really true?

Let me explain; for years, we have been using Contact Form 7, and we don’t even think twice about trying out other solutions. Is it possible that contact forms are no longer being developed?

No way! So today, we’re reviewing the top 7 contact form plugins for WordPress in 2022:

Contact Form

Top 7 table of Content Form Plugins for WordPress

Plugin Name Price Rating Active Installations
Ninja Forms $99 / year  4.9 30,000,000+
Jetpack Forms Free 3.8 5,000,0000+
Kali Forms Free 4.6 20,0000+
WPForms $39.50 / year 4.7 3,000,0000+
Everest Forms Free 4.1 100,0000+
Contact Form 7 Free 4.5 100,0000+
Forminator Free 4.8 30,0000+
Ninja Forms

Among the most feature-rich plugins available, Ninja Forms can do much more than just provide a contact form. It can be used to create subscription forms, surveys, or anything else that can be done with a web form.

Additionally, Ninja Forms manages form submissions for you within the WordPress dashboard.

Creating forms is easy and relatively simple. You start by browsing Forms or Add New. You will use a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Click on a particular type of field to add it, then realign it as you would with a WordPress widget. 

Form submissions can trigger specific email notifications. Neither you nor the user will be notified.

You can assign specific actions to form submission, such as displaying a success message or signing someone up for a MailChimp list.

The plugin is available for free. It costs $99-$499 to upgrade.

Install this plugin if:

A contact form is only one aspect of advanced web form functionality.
Jetpack Plugin
Creating contact forms with Jetpack works differently than with the other plugins listed here. 

The form can be created directly on the post/page editing screen, rather than creating a form and then including it in various posts/pages.

 Jetpack lets you customize the fields (remove existing ones or add new ones) and then add the form to your post.


Install this plugin if: 

As well as, you also can able to use multiple forms for individual blog posts or pages.

Kali Forms is a Contact Form that is built up with drag & drop for WordPress.


Kali forms are probably one of the most popular-oriented WordPress plugins for building forms. This contact form plugin is highly powerful.


 For instance, just a few clicks in a wide range of form fields for creating complex forms.

 The plugin allows you to create a simple contact form for free without having to pay a cent.

However, you can only drag and drop the fields that have been added to the form. Each field can be expanded by clicking the ‘+’ icon beside it.


Install this plugin if: 

You need an easy way to create a simple contact for free.

WPForms is an extremely feature-rich plugin with an extremely user-friendly user interface. 

It’s easy to create new forms using drag-and-drop, and you get access to pre-built form templates to speed things up even more.

Create an email subscription form and integrate it with popular email marketing services.

There’s entry management right within the wp-admin – don’t need to go anywhere to see all the entries you received.

Automatically, It blocks spam submissions. By using shortcodes, it can be placed anywhere.


Install this contact form plugin if: 

It’s important to have a robust, easy-to-use contact form solution that has more features than what is usually found in contact forms (payment integration, email integration, etc).

Everest Form
Another popular Contact Form build up with drag & drop for WordPress – is called Everest Forms.

Everest Forms is a very nice plugin, that customizes and ready to use. It’s totally free, and most of the features are available from the get-go. 

To create flexible forms, users can simply drag and drop fields.

They can then modify them with a simple click. You can build unlimited forms with this tool, including multiple columns, reCAPTCHAs, and many more.

Click on the Add New button in the All Forms section of the plugin; then, you will be prompted to name the form and select a template. Choosing a contact form template or a blank form is simple.

By using the shortcode ID directly, these forms will show up on the All Forms page as well as on the individual form builder pages.


Install this Everest Forms if: 

An intuitive and feature-rich interface is what you need. With this plugin, you can create effective and useful fields that are easy to customize.

Contact Form 7
If you can create new forms and adjust the existing ones, the contact Form gives you access to an additional section in the WordPress dashboard called Contact. It is very versatile.

A form is moderately easy with work. According to me. HTML tags are used to create an interface. So, you have to be much careful not to mishmash up the structure. 

To be very honest, but not as natural as with the other plugins on this list that is not particularly hard to do.

Install this contact form plugin if: 

If you want a flexible contact form, you want the possibility of making adjustments. Contact Form 7 offers HTML-based editing.

Payment Form, Custom Form Builder, and Contact Forms are called Forminaator.

This is a very reasonable and new addition to our list, it beats other options when it comes to field additions and integrations.

 You can also quickly build a new form and all credit goes to the drag-drop interface with Forminator. By using the appearance section in just a few clicks, you can easily customize the contact form design.

Forminator plugin is compatible with email management and marketing integration like Mailchimp, Trello, Hubspot, Slack, AWeber, and many more.

After creating a form, you can also add third-party apps. Paste the shortcode and customize the appearance that you would like to add.


Install this plugin if: 

For example, you need a WordPress plugin for building different forms, or if you run an eCommerce site and need to add a form for calculating something.

Finally, I hope this guide helped you select the most suitable WordPress contact form plugin.

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